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Custom AutoCAD® OEM Software Solutions

We specialize in creating customized computer aided design software and add-ins to enhance your design team productivity. With over 13 years experience creating solutions that leverage the power of Autodesk® Software, we can help build solutions that will work for you.

Cloud Based Services

Our experience with cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft Azure can help to streamline your business process and power solutions we create for you.

Autodesk App Store Publishing

Check out our latest time saving apps on the Autodesk App Store! We regularly update and add new tools to increase productivity for designers.


FireCAD® 2021

Fire Alarm and Low Voltage system design tools embedded within a powerful and fully functional AutoCAD® OEM platform. The standalone edition does not require existing AutoCAD® software to be installed!

FireCAD® For AutoCAD® 2015-2021

All the great FireCAD™ system design tools packaged as an add-in for existing AutoCAD® 2015-2021 installations,

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Cadgen Quick Polyline

Automatically draws orthogonal trimmed polylines between blocks with optional fillet.

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Cadgen Quick Label

Cadgen Quick Label can be used to add formatted group and sequence number labels on block references in a drawing. Custom groups can be added, renamed, and deleted through the application control interface. Block references can be added to one or as many groups as required. A formatted sequence number indicating the block reference's order in the group is added to the group label.

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Cadgen Data & Attribute Import Export Utility

Cadgen Data & Attribute Import Export Utility can be used to import and export attributes from a drawing to and from CSV and Excel file format. It can also be used to export data from the Cadgen Quick Label addin, which is freely available in the Autodesk® App Store.

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Cadgen Automatic Polyline Router

Using powerful algorithms, this application allows the user to select blocks and intersecting polylines, arcs, splines, and lines and will automatically re-route the selected segments, similar to the Visio auto-route command for connectors. Selected segments are redrawn as neat orderly polylines with no overlapping and trimmed with equal spacing at each intersecting block reference. Each segment in the selection will be re-routed if it intersects a block reference at each end, otherwise it is not modified.

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